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Ipswich Community Canvas Collaborative - Uniting Through Art

Join the Ipswich Community Canvas Collaborative in creating original art that captures the essence of Ipswich. Be a part of our mission to bring the community together through a unique art experiment. Get involved, suggest locations, volunteer, and make Ipswich even more awesome through art!

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Ways to Get Involved:

  • Choose Locations
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Join Us in Making Ipswich Even More Awesome!

Become a part of the Ipswich Community Canvas Collaborative and help paint the town with vibrant masterpieces. Connect with us through updates, volunteer work, or donations. Let's celebrate Ipswich's identity through art and bring the community together!

Your Favorite Place

Have a favorite location in Ipswich? Share your suggestions for a community masterpiece. Whether it's a beach, a hillside, a pond, or any special place, we want to hear from you.

Event Vision Leader

Katherine DeSilva

Katherine DeSilva is a passionate Ipswich native, an accomplished writer, artist, and educator, who faces life's challenges with unwavering dedication. As a single mother courageously battling Multiple Sclerosis, she's on a mission to make a difference in her community. Over the past decade, Katherine has organized an array of community events, from silent auctions and literary events to sustainable parenting expos and sexual education programs.

With a BFA from MassArt and a Masters in Special Education, Katherine's creativity knows no bounds. She's the author and illustrator of three captivating children's books and continues to create art and writing that appeals to all age groups. Her artistic process seamlessly blends traditional and digital mediums, with a focus on watercolor, acrylic, and digital illustrations influenced by her photography.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Katherine is a staunch advocate for social justice and community engagement. Her passion-driven projects span fundraising, sustainability, and the well-being of families. Katherine's journey as a single mother with Multiple Sclerosis serves as an inspiration to all, embodying the indomitable spirit of an artist, author, educator, and advocate.

As a community-focused writer, educator, artist and a dedicated mother, Katherine DeSilva is a beacon of resilience, creativity, and positive change in Ipswich and beyond.

Katherine DeSilva

Event Visionary

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