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What's Your Favorite Place?

Send us your favorite location in Ipswich. Is it a place that could be the location for a community Masterpiece?

We encourage the community to share favorite locations in Ipswich. Is it a place that could be the location for one of the 20 community masterpieces? Here is a working list of current ideas:

  • Schools: Ipswich High School, Ipswich Middle School, Winthrop Elementary, Doyon Elementary
  • Beaches: Pavilion, Crane's Beach Boardwalk, Clark & Little Neck Beaches
  • Water Features: Willowdale "Foote" bridge, Dam Footbridge (2 River + Choate Bridge), Warf & Ring Rock, Hood Pond, Baker Pond
  • Special Locations: Ipswich Public Library, Ipswich Museum, John Whipple House, Hall-Haskell House, Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Greenwood Farm; private and quasi-public farms and farm land; Top of Cemetery Hill; Top of Town Hill, Strawberry Hill 

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What is your perfect place in Ipswich?



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